Curriculum and Syllabus

Our curriculum offers a synergy of both academic and practical teaching. Students can engage with the latest developments in theory relating to media, politics and society while also mastering essential technical skills. We aim to prepare students for careers not only within the traditional mass media but also in fields such as public relations, marketing and corporate communication.

Syllabus for 2014 Academic Year

The syllabus for the 2014 academic year has been extensively revised to better reflect the evolving medium- and long-term teaching goals of the program and to take account of changes in teaching personnel.

The classes offered by the Media Professional Course are divided into three groups. In principle, Group A consists of introductory or theoretical classes and Group B includes more advanced and applied classes taught by the Course’s academic faculty while Group C includes practically-oriented classes taught by practicing media professionals. However, it should be noted that, owing to the close and fruitful coordination between industry and academia that characterizes the Media Professional Course, there is in fact a synergistic relationship between these two groups of classes and, in practice, all students are required to take a number of classes from each group.

The classes offered by the Media Professional Course during the 2014 academic year are as follows:


Group A (Introductory Classes)

Group B (Applied Classes)

Group C (Practical Classes)

Details of the syllabus for these courses for 2014 are available here (in Japanese).

The course timetable for 2014 is available here (in Japanese).