The Media Professional Course welcomes applications from anyone with a strong desire to study the media, including new graduates, international students and people currently working in the media who want to catch up with the latest research or learn new skills.

Admission Policy

This policy outlines the aims of the Media Professional Course and describes some of the principal attributes that are required of students seeking to enter the Course.

The aim of this course is to cultivate professionals who can take on a leading role in the increasingly important and diverse world of media. Accordingly, in this course, we seek to recruit students who have the potential and qualities that are necessary for the next generation of media professionals. Such people should have an international perspective and be highly motivated. They should also have the ability to consider matters both objectively and critically and be able to explain complex issues in an effective and logical way, drawing on their excellent communication skills, including a command of foreign languages. They should also have a strong desire to develop their abilities for self-expression in a variety of media and to study and contribute to academically and socially significant media research.

Within the overall framework of the entrance examinations conducted by the Department of Multicultural Studies, applicants to the Media Professional Course are evaluated according to the degree to which they satisfy the above conditions.

In addition to the above, potential applicants should note that each faculty member has produced a list of recommended books. In order to acquire a minimum level of relevant knowledge, students are encouraged to read through these books before starting this course. For further details, please refer to the lists provided by each faculty member on this page.

Course Guide and Examination Pamphlet

The latest course guide and information about entrance examinations is available below (in Japanese only).

2014 Media Professional Course Pamphlet (PDF)

Number of Students

The number of students admitted to the MA and PhD programs in recent years is as shown below (figures in brackets indicate number of applicants).

Year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
MA 11 (20) 12 (22) 10 (36) 11 (28) 9 (17) 11 (25) 10 (18)
PhD 2 (2) 2 (3) 2 (2) 1 (1) 0 (1)

Examination Schedule

In recent years two examinations for the MA program have been held each year but only one for the PhD program. The MA examinations have been held in September and February, with the application periods being in August and January respectively. The PhD examination has been held in February with the application period being in January. For details of the current examination schedule please consult the Graduate School of Langauges and Cultures’ homepage (in Japanese only).

Application Categories

The Media Professional Course accepts applications from students in the following two categories:

General students

This category includes general Japanese students, Japanese returnee students, international students and members of society.

Special member of society students

This category is for those who have worked full-time for a company or school for at least two consecutive years and would like to study while continuing to work.

Japanese Language Ability

As part of the eligibility requirements for application to the Media Professional Course, all students are required to have a relatively good command of spoken and written Japanese. The entrance examination for international students involves a written Japanese language exam. In addition, most administration-related communication and official documents are in Japanese only and currently, with the exception of two classes (Intercultural Communication and Media English), all classes offered by the Media Professional Course are taught in Japanese. Therefore, students without the necessary Japanese language ability may wish to consider enrolling as a Nagoya University “research student” (kenkyusei) for one or two years, during which they can take Japanese language classes and also audit Media Professional Course classes, prior to applying for our programs. Details of the research student system are available here (in Japanese only).

Further Information

Requests for application documents or further information about applying to the Media Professional Course should be made to the address below:

Admissions Office,
Graduate School of Languages and Cultures,
Nagoya University

Furo-cho B4-5 (700),

Tel: ++81-(0)52-789-4881
Fax: ++81-(0)52-789-4873
Email: gen-jim[at] *[at]=@


Please note that all information regarding admissions provided here and in the course guide pamphlet is subject to change. Applicants should check with the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures’ Admissions Office for the latest information prior to making their applications. Information about the examinations is also provided on the homepage of the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures.