Global Media Research Center

Toshiya Nakamura, Ph.D.

Message from the Director

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Global Media Research Center (GMRC). As the first of its kind in Japan, the Center was launched in April 2015 by the Media Professional Studies Program in the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures at Nagoya University.

Since the Media Professional Studies Program was founded in 2003, we have not only undertaken research aimed at exploring theories of media and communication and media practice, but also provided educational courses at the Master and Doctoral level in close cooperation with newspaper, broadcasting and other media-related companies in the central Japan region. We have aimed at developing graduates with a strong sense of social ethics, profound knowledge and practical skills who can perform a leading role at the forefront of today’s highly sophisticated information society. Nearly one hundred of our graduates are now successfully playing an active part in journalism, broadcasting, publishing, advertising and public relations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the broader community for the warm support it has shown to our Program.

The Global Media Research Center is a new venture that builds on our achievements since the foundation of the Media Professional Studies Program twelve years ago. During this time, the emergence of new digital media such as social media has brought about enormous changes worldwide. As the global distribution of information has dramatically grown due to the developments of information and communication technology, it is essential for all the actors including states, private enterprises, NPOs, NGOs and individual citizens to be able to exert their influence in the world, and in order to do so they have got to possess the necessary skills to effectively communicate their messages and positions not only domestically but internationally. In response to the rapidly changing environment of traditional and new media and international society, the Center aims to provide a major platform for media and communication studies and to undertake interdisciplinary research aimed at exploring global communication with an emphasis on international images. We shall be hosting a number of events including International Symposia, International Public Lectures and Professional Lectures that feature prominent international and local researchers and practitioners. And to reflect our research on educational programs a Media Autumn School will be held beginning in November 2015. Throughout our work, we aim to be recognized as a core research platform in Asia. We welcome your cooperation, support and any suggestions you may have for us.

Toshiya Nakamura, Ph.D.
Director of the Global Media Research Center

Overview of the Center

Name Global Media Research Center
Affiliation Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University
Establishment April 2015
Parent Organization Media Professional Studies Program
Address Global Media Research Centre Office, Room 301, Liberal Arts and Sciences Building (North Wing), Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, 464-8601, Japan.
Email gmrc[at]


Against the backdrop of the conflict between the rapid global expansion of digital media and the decline of traditional media such as newspapers and television, the international flow of information continues to increase dramatically. Our aim is to conduct practical and advanced media and communication research in order to understand the present circumstances of global communication, including such questions as how information is produced, distributed and consumed within such a dynamic global environment and how these processes relate to the formation of the images of actors including states, private enterprises and NPOs within international society. Moreover, by making the results of our research fully available to the teaching activities of this university and also to the wider regional community, we aim to promote effective interactions between research and education.


Core Faculty

Director Toshiya Nakamura (Professor)
Coordinator Nobuhiro Ihara (Associate Professor), Akiko Ogawa (Associate Professor)

Concurrent Faculty

Masataka Kawamura (Professor, Media Professional Studies Program)
Edward Haig (Professor, Media Professional Studies Program)

Affiliated Faculty

Tetsuo Yamada (Visiting Professor, Editor in Chief of the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper)
Yoshihiko Kuribayashi (Visiting Professor, Professor of Nagoya Bunri University)


In order to achieve an effective interaction between research and education the Center plans to regularly host the following events.

Information about these events will be posted in due course on the “News” section of our Home page and on the “Event Calendar”. Please check these for details.

Global Media Research Center Pamphlet

The latest center pamphlet is available below.