The Media Professional Course was founded ten years ago and now has over 100 alumni pursuing a wide range of media and other related careers. Our ever-expanding network of alumni provides plentiful opportunities for students to draw on their knowledge and experience.

International Community

Including both MA and PhD programs there are at present over 20 students enrolled in the Media Professional Course. Of these, approximately half are international students. The majority of our international students come from China, Korea and Taiwan but we have also had students from Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and Brazil. We have also welcomed visiting research students from a number of countries including Indonesia and Australia.

Graduate Employment

Organizations with which Media Professional Course students have found employment in recent years include the following:

•Aeon Retail
•Aishin AW
•Aishin Seiki
•Asahi Beer
•Brother Industries
•Chunichi Shimbun
•Dentsu-Meitetsu Communications
•FM Toyota

•Hitotsubashi University
•Hochi Shimbun
•IBM Japan
•Internet Initiative Japan
•Ishikawa Television Broadcasting
•Japan Housing Finance Agency
•Japan Sports Association
•JTB Communications

•Kinjo Gakuin University
•Mainichi Shimbun
•McCann Erickson
•NHK PlanNet
•Nikkei Shimbun
•NNA Japan (Kyodo News Group)
•NTT West

•Pia Corporation
•Shizuoka Shinbun
•Tokaigakuen University
•Tokai Rubber Industries
•Tokai Television Broadcasting
•Toyota Tourism
•Yomiko Advertising

Note that despite the challenges faced by international students in obtaining employment in Japanese media-related organizations, international students from the Media Professional Course have been employed by some of the above organizations, particularly in cases where those organizations are seeking to develop their overseas operations in the students’ home countries. In addition, many of them have found media-related employment in their home countries with organizations not listed here or have set up their own media-related businesses.

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