General Resources

T: stands for "for Teachers"
B: stands for "Books"
D: stands for "Dictionaries"
S: stands for "for Students"

  1. T: The ESL Virtual Catalog
  2. T: Internet TESL Journal, The
    Excellent Nagoya-based electronic journal including articles, software reviews, teacher resources etc
  3. T: Computer-assisted language learning
    An Overview of CALL-related items on the net
  4. T: JALT
    Japanese Association of Language Teacher's homepage
  5. T: College of Education, Wichita State University
  6. T: National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning
  7. T: Dave's ESL Cafe
  8. T: English as a Foreign Language Magazine
  9. T: Links for Autonomous Foreign Language Learning
  10. T: Ohio University; English Language & Culture
  11. T: Purdue University's On-Line Writing Lab
  12. T: Resources for Teachers and Students of English
  13. T: The DEIL LinguaCenter (UIUC)
  14. B: Bookwire
  15. D: Hypertext Webster
  16. D: Readers' English-Japanese Dictionary
  17. S: An On-line English Grammar
  18. S: A Word A Day
  19. S: An Elementary Grammar
  20. S: Dinasaur Hall
  21. S: English as a Second Language
  22. S: Impact! Online
  23. S: Inkspot Writer's Workshop
  24. S: The Comenius Group
  25. S: The Cyrano Server
  26. S: The Idioms Bank
  27. S: The National Library of Medicine
  28. S: Theodore's Surprise Friend
  29. S: TIME Daily News Summary
  30. S: Virtual Hospital
  31. S: Word Puzzles

Useful Resources

  1. Athena University
  2. Virtual On-Line University
  3. P.O.Pages (CALL material)
  4. EVA ° English Vocabulary Assistant)
  5. The Language Centre at the University of Sussex, England
  6. List of English Department Home Pages
  7. listservs for Intercultural e-Mail classroom
  8. New, educational, NLP, CALL software
  9. resources offering instruction on languages
  10. President's Radio Address

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