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Listening Exercise 1

Play the recording. ¬Õ (.ram) / ¬Õ (.au)

This is the Integrated English I listening test Part I, questions 36 to 40, will be played once.

Part One
In the first conversation, Gary and Sandra are having lunch at school. It's Thursday afternoon.

36. What is Gary doing after class this afternoon?
a) going swimming this afternoon
b) working at his part-time job
c) going to the pool
d) meeting Margaret at the library

37. Why doesn't Gary have any free time?
a) because he studies very hard for his exams
b) because he runs three or four times a week
c) because he has a full time job
d) because he has to work at his part-time job

38. How many hours does he work at The Pizza Place?
a) usually thirty hours a week
b) usually forty hours a week
c) a few hours
d) three or four times a week

39. What has GaryˇÕs boss done?
a) He has put an advertisement in the paper to find more part-time workers.
b) He has put an advertisement in the paper to find more full-time workers.
c) He has been working fewer hours at his restaurant so he can go to movies and concerts.
d) Business has been slow so he has put an advertisement in the paper.

40. How much does Gary get paid?
a) more than Sandra got at her part-time job
b) less than Sandra got at her part-time job
c) as much as Sandra got when she had her part time job
d) more than the pay at all the other restaurants

Part Two
In the second conversation, Gary and Margaret are at the library.

41. Why are Margaret and Gary at the library?
a) Margaret is helping Gary study for a test.
b) Gary is helping Margaret study for a test.
c) Gary is helping Margaret do her homework.
d) They are doing their homework together.

42. Who is Margaret's professor?
a) Professor Winson
b) Professor Winston
c) Professor Wimson
d) Professor Uuinston

43. What does Margaret's professor look like?
a) HeˇÕs a little old with gray hair and a beard.
b) HeˇÕs a short young man with a moustache.
c) HeˇÕs old and has a moustache.
d) HeˇÕs young and has a moustache.

44. What does Margaret's professor wear?
a) He always wears a suit.
b) He always wears a suit and carries a briefcase.
c) He wears casual clothes but carries a briefcase.
d) He wears jeans and a t-shirt and never carries a briefcase.

45. What do Margaret and Gary do after they are finished at the library?
a) They walk around the university.
b) They walk to a coffee shop in the city.
c) They walk to a coffee shop on University Avenue.
d) They drive to a coffee shop on University Avenue.

Part Three
In the third conversation, Gary and Margaret are at a coffee shop.

46. What table do they sit at?
a) at the table next to the bookshelf
b) at the table below the photographs
c) at the table between the two paintings
d) at the table in front of the window

47. What are the hours of the coffee shop?
a) 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.
b) 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.
c) 7 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon
d) 1 in the afternoon to 7 in the morning

48. What does Margaret do on the weekends lately?
a) She takes photographs.
b) She paints.
c) She goes to museums.
d) She goes to museums with her parents.

49. Which of the following does Gary NOT say about what he does on the weekends?
a) spends time with his parents
b) sees movies
c) listens to music
d) goes to concerts

50. Do they make definite plans to see a movie?
a) Yes, they do.
b) Yes, they are going to see an action movie.
c) No, they don't.
d) No, they make plans to go to a museum.

This is the end of the listening section.

¬ÕTranscript for Exercise1