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Listening Exercise 1 Transcript

Narrator: This is the Integrated English I listening test.

Part I, questions 36 to 40, will be played once.

Sandra: Hey, Gary. What are you doing after class this afternoon?

Gary: I'm meeting Margaret at the library. Why?

Sandra: Well, I thought I'd ask you if you wanted to go swimming with me.

Gary: Swimming?

Sandra: Yeah.

Gary: You know, I really should get some exercise, but I can't today. I promised Margaret I'd meet her at the library.

Sandra: Okay, well maybe next time.

Gary: You know, I used to go for runs three or four times a week but now, I never have time to do anything since I started my part-time job at The Pizza Place.

Sandra:””Yeah . . .How many hours are you working there anyway?

Gary: Well, I guess usually about 30 hours.

Sandra: Thirty? That's a lot of hours for a part-time job. That's almost like a full-time job!

Gary: Yeah I know.

Sandra: And you're in school! Wow, Why don't you work fewer hours?

Gary: Well, I want to, but my boss really needs me to work right now. He's put an advertisement in the paper looking for more people to work part-time but well . . . you know how it is. It's really hard to find people that wanna work. They'd rather go out to the movies or concerts.

Sandra: Yeah, I guess it is hard to find part-time workers. The ad in the paper should help, though.

Gary: I hope so.

Sandra: Are you working tonight?

Gary: Uh-huh. But just until 8:30.

Sandra: Oh, that's not too bad.

Gary: Yeah, but last night I had to work until we closed. I didn't get home until three in the morning!

Sandra: Wow, that's late. Is the pay good?

Gary: Yeah, it's pretty good. It's better than most restaurants. I get six seventy five an hour.

Sandra: Just six seventy five? Is that all?

Gary: What do you mean, is that all?

Sandra: I was getting seven-fifty an hour at The Hamburger House. And Carol, my roommate is getting seven seventy-five at the restaurant where she works now. I thought that The Pizza Place paid as much or more than all the other restaurants around here.

Gary: I thought so, too. I thought that I had finally found a good part time job - one that pays well, you know ?. . . and, I work so hard.

Sandra: Maybe itŽÕs time you talked to your boss about your pay and your hours.

Gary: I think your right.

Narrator: Part II, questions 41 to 45, will be played once.

Margaret: Gary, thank you so much for helping me do my math homework. I'm so lucky you're a math major.

Gary: No, problem. Who's your teacher?

Margaret: Professor Winston.

Gary: Oh, I know him.

Margaret: Really.

Gary: He's kind of old, with gray hair and a beard -- pretty short, and yeah, he always wears a suit, right?

Margaret: No, that's Professor Winson. There is a Professor Winson and a Professor Winston. They sound almost the same. The Professor youŽÕre talking about is Professor Winson , there's no T. My Professor's name is Winston - W-I-N-S-T-O-N. He's really young. HeŽÕs about average height, no beard but a moustache. HavenŽÕt you seen him around?

Gary: No, I don't think so. He must be new.

Margaret: Yeah, he is. He's the one who always wears really casual clothes - never a suit or a tie - usually jeans and a t-shirt - but - always carrying a briefcase. Pretty strange, huh.

Gary: Yeah, that is strange.

Sandra: He's nice but because heŽÕs so young, I don't think that he has much experience teaching.

Gary: Well, I donŽÕt have much experience either, but let me see if I can help you. Ok, so what are you having difficulty with?

Margaret: Well, I donŽÕt understand this question here. I think I'm supposed to add these two numbers to get this part but . . .

Gary: Okay, let me see what youŽÕre doing wrong. Now first you have to take this number. . . (fade out)

(papers shuffle, time lapse) (then fade in)

Gary: And then if you add this number one more time, you get the answer. Let's check the answer. And see if weŽÕre right. Yup. See!

Margaret: Wow, I understand now. Gary, you're such a good teacher. Thank you so much for helping me with my homework. Can I take you out for coffee?

Gary: Actually I'd really like some coffee.

Margaret: Great. Have you been to the new coffee shop on University Avenue?

Gary: I didn't know that there was a new coffee shop on University Avenue!

Margaret: Yeah, one just opened last month.

Gary: Really, I'd love to go.

Margaret: Good then why donŽÕt we go there? I have my car so we could drive there.

Gary: No, let's walk, itŽÕs such a nice day.

Margaret: Okay, it'll only take about fifteen minutes. Good idea. (sound of books and papers being gathered

Narrator: Part III, questions 46 to 50 will be played once.

Gary: Where do you wanna sit?

Margaret: How about over there -- at the table next to the painting.

Gary: Next to the painting? You mean, the one in front of the window?

Margaret: Yeah, that one. WeŽÕll have a nice view of outside.

Gary: Yeah, I like window seats. Sounds good to me. (sound of chairs being pulled out)

Gary: This is a nice coffee shop.

Margaret: Yeah, isn't it. The hours are great, too. They open at 7 in the morning and they donŽÕt close until one a.m..

Gary: Wow, that's convenient. It's hard to find places that open early and close late.

Sandra: Yeah, I know.

Gary: And theyŽÕve got great decorations, too. They have a lot of interesting things on the walls. Look at the photographs on the wall over there.

Margaret: Uh huh.

Gary: The ones next to the bookshelf. Aren't they great?

Margaret: Yeah, they're nice photographs. I love taking photographs.

Gary: You do? Is that what youŽÕre interested in?

Margaret: Yeah, well . . .not as much anymore. I used to go out every weekend with my camera taking photographs, but lately I've really been into looking at photographs or looking at paintings. I've been going to museums a lot.

Gary: Oh really.

Margaret: There was a great exhibit at the City Museum last week.

Gary: Oh. You like to go to museums?

Margaret: Yeah, it's very relaxing, just walking around by yourself. Do you like museums?

Gary: Well, I haven't been to many, just once or twice when I was little. My parents took me when I was a little kid.

Margaret: Well, what kinds of things do you like to do on the weekends?

Gary: I like listening to music and going to concerts, yeah, and I like seeing movies.

Margaret: Me, too. What kind of movies do you like?

Gary: I like Action movies. Especially science fiction action movies. How about you?

Margaret: I like action movies, too.

Gary: Oh? We should go see one together sometime. (Waiter enters.)

Waiter: Are you two ready to order?

Gary: Oh, yeah, I'll have a cappucino.

Sandra: And I'll have the espresso with a slice of . . . (fade out)

Narrator: This is the end of the listening test.