Nagahata, Akitoshi


Graduate School of Humanities
Nagoya University
Office: Bunkei-sogo-kan 706
TEL/FAX: 81-52-789-4702

A. Present and previous position titles:

Professor, Graduate School of Humanities (4/17-present)
Professor, Graduate School of Languages & Cultures, Nagoya University (4/04-3/17)
Associate professor, Graduate School of Languages & Cultures, Nagoya University (4/98-3/04)
Associate professor, Faculty of Language and Culture, Nagoya University (4/91-3/98)
Associate professor, Center for Linguistic and Cultural Research, Nagoya University (2/90-3/91)
Assistant professor, Center for Linguisitic and Cultural Research, Nagoya University (4/88-2/90)
Part-time instructor of English at Kitasato University (4/87-3/88)
Part-time instructor of English at Tokyo Stewardess Business College (3/88-4/86)

B. Fields of specialty :

American Literature (Esp. Poetry)
Modernism and Postmodernism
Representation of Multicultural Society in Literature

C. Professional membership:

The American Literature Society of Japan
The English Literary Society of Japan
The Japanese Association for American Studies
The Ezra Pound Society of Japan
AALA (Asian American Literature Association)
The Modern Language Association

D. Selected Publications:

  • "Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Playful Writing in Exilée and Temps Morts." Foreign Literature Studies [『外國文學研究』] 35.5 (October 2013): 23-29.
  • "Against 'Provincialism': Ezra Pound's 'Renaissance' Project." The American Review 47 (2013): 41-57.
  • "Writing the Self, Writing (with) Everybody: Gertrude Stein's Everybody's Autobiography." Journal of Mark Twain Studies 11 (2012): 49-58. (in Japanese.)
  • "Mina Loy's Border-Crossing and Rhetoric: Reading Her Early Poetry." The Desappearance and Reconstruction of Borders in European and Anglo-American Literature from the Late 19th Century to the Early 20th Century (2012): 43-65. (in Japanese.)
  • "Voices of the Ancestors Calling from the Land Far Beyond: Repression and Manifestation of Ethnicity." Gendai-shiso [La revue de la Pensée d'aujourd'hui] 38.6 (2010): 115-123. (in Japanese.)
  • "Ezra Pound's 'Originalism': A Legacy of the Fenollosa Manuscript in His Essays in The Japan Times." Language and Culture Research Series 9 (2010): 1-18. (in Japanese.)
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  • "Woody Allen's Representation of Jewish Americans Reconsidered: Reading Annie Hall, Zelig, Crimes and Misdemeanors."(In Japanese.)
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