Raffaello Santi, "The School of Athens" (The Vatican)

(1) Zeno of Citium or Zeno of Elea? (2) Epicurus (3) Frederik II of Mantua? (4) Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius or Anaximander or Empedocles? (5) Averroes (6) Pythagoras (7) Alcibiades or Alexander the Great? (8) Antisthenes or Xenophon? (9) Hypatia or the young Francesco Maria della Rovere? (10) Aeschines or Xenophon? (11) Parmenides? (12) Socrates (13) Heraclitus (painted as Michelangelo) (14) Plato holding the Timaeus (painted as Leonardo da Vinci) (15) Aristotle holding the Ethics (16) Diogenes of Sinope (17) Plotinus? (18) Euclid or Archimedes with students (painted as Bramante)? (19) Strabo or Zoroaster? (20) Ptolemy? (A) Il Sodoma as Protogenes (B) Raphael as Apelles