AC21 Thai-Japan Cross-cultural Interaction through TV conference


Supervisors:        Shigeo Suzuki (School of Languages and Cultures)

                        Naoko Yamada (Educational Center for International Students)

                         Joseph Stavoy (School of Languages and Cultures)

The general purpose of our project as part of activities in AC21 is to encourage students to learn and appreciate how other cultures have impacted their own. They should also be able to understand that the historical benefits derived from other cultures include positive as well as negative consequences. They should learn these influences through fieldwork at places in their respective countries that still harbor a deep cultural influence from other cultures Moreover, they are expected to exchange their views on these matters with foreign students through a television conference. The presentation of their views and discussions obviously will not take place in completely flawless, standardized English but with an English language flavored with the indigenous cultural influences of the studentsf respective countries.

In the joint project between a Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and Nagoya Univeristys, a group of three to five students will be required to find a topic on Thai-Japan cultural influences and make a twenty-minute summary of their discoveries. In this process, teachers will supervise and help to improve the quality of their English summary. They will then present their findings in a TV conference, followed by a forty-minute discussion between the Thai and Japanese students.

Note: AC21


1 Preliminary Session
10:30-12:00. Fri. Jan. 18, 2008 @‘ΫŒΎŒκ•Ά‰»Œ€‹†‰Θ“ƒ‰ƒEƒ“ƒWi“Œ‘€˜L‰Ί‰œj
Aim of the project
Means of presentation
Fieldwork at Nittai Temple at Kakuouzan
English to be used

2 Lunchtime Talk (1)
ASAP (One hour)
Thai-Japan Cultural History

3 Lunchtime Talk (2)
ASAP (One hour)
Thai-Japan Cultural History

4 Group Fieldwork at Nittai Temple

5 Independent Presentation (1)
ASAP (One hour)
Two ten-minute presentations
Short Question time

6 Independent Presentation (2)
ASAP (An hour and a half)
Two/Three ten-minute presentations
Short Question time

7 Non-supervised Student Session
Making a PowerPoint file and a manuscript for the team-work presentation

8 Preliminary Presentation for the Supervisors
2:30-4:00. Tue. Mar. 4
Advice and hints to improve the quality of the presentation

9 Team-work Presentation for the Thai group
2:30-4:00 (12:30-14:00 Thai Standard Time) Tuesday, March 11
Presentation and Discussion through a TV conference
Note: the session is to be filmed for further educational use.