Yasusada Bib


(compiled by Kent Johnson, 9/98)


Poetry in Magazines and Anthologies

(The following publishers had intended to publish poems by Araki Yasusada but withdrew plans after learning about the work's apocryphal nature: Harpers [New York]; London Magazine [England]; Spectacular Diseases [England, chapbook collection]; Poems for the Millennium [U. of California Press, anthology section]; Wesleyan University Press [book manuscript])

Critical Commentary on Araki Yasusada (arranged chronologically)

(Articles have also appeared in the following publications for which I do not have complete citation data: The Manchester Guardian [England]; The Forward [New York]; The Columbus Dispatch [Ohio]; The Sydney Morning Herald [Australia]; Heat [Australia]; Lateral [Spain]; Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie [Russia]; Pushkin [Russia]. To the best of my knowledge, critical articles are forthcoming in Sulfur; Gendai-shi Techo [Japan]; Misc. Proj.; and the collections Pretending to be Me: Ethnic Transvestites and Cross-Writing [U of Illinois Press]:, and Experiments in Transculture: Rethinking Russian and American Models of Creative Communication [St. Martin's Press]. Over 100 e-mail commentaries about Yasusada can be located through an archive search at Buffalo Poetics Listserv: http://wings.buffalo.edu/epc/poetics/)