Anglo-American Literature/Culture and Education

A  symposium organized by the Nagoya University American Literature/Culture Society and the Chukyo University Research Group on Teaching Academic Contents

Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18, 2018
Room 406, North Wing, Liberal Arts and Sciences Building, Nagoya University
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Language: English
Admission free


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DAY ONE  3/71 (Sat)

Opening Remarks   (10:00 - 10:10)

Arinori Mori (Chukyo University) and Akitoshi Nagahata (Nagoya University)

Session 1  (10:15 - 12:25)

Chair: Kyoko Miwa (Toho University)
Commentator: Christopher J. Armstrong (Chukyo University)

  1. Shinobu Wada (Tokyo City University), “Enhancing the Imagination through the History of the English Language (HEL): The Case of a Medieval Literature Class”
  2. Hideo Yanagisawa (Meijo University), “An Approach to Creative Learning of American Literature”
  3. Yoko Araki (Keiwa College), “Brushing up on the Basics: Learning Waterfront Views with the Second-Year English Students in Niigata”
  4. Kiyofumi Sugiura (Chukyo University), “Teaching Anglophone Literatures: An Exploration of the Postcolonial Literary Imagination in the Age of Globalisation”

Lunch Break
(12:25 - 14:00)

Session 2 (14:00 - 15:40)

Chair: Atsuko Honda (Fukui University)
Commentator: Arinori Mori (Chukyo University)

  1. Kyoko Kumai (Nagoya University), “Using American YA Literature in an Advanced Adult EFL Class”
  2. Akitoshi Nagahata (Nagoya University), “Reading Poetry in a Japanese EFL Classroom, or What Does It Mean to Read Poetry in a Foreign Language?”
  3. Jane Joritz-Nakagawa (Poet), “What’s Difficult about Contemporary Poetry?”


Keynote Lecture (16:00 - 17:00)

Professor John R. Yamamoto-Wilson (Sophia University), “Putting the Text First: Literature and Culture in the Non-Native Context”

Presenter: Christopher J. Armstrong (Chukyo University)


Photo shoot (17:10 - 17:30)

Reception  (18:00 -- 20:00)
At “Kochab” (3-8 Yotsuya-dori, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya)
TEL: 052-782-5626
(Reservation required)

DAY TWO  3/18 (Sun)

Session 3 (10:30 - 12:10)

Chair: Hideo Yanagisawa (Meijo University)
Commentator: Shota Yamabe (Nanzan University)

  1. Arinori Mori (Chukyo University), “How to Boost Freshers: Creating a Manual on Academic Research”
  2. Maureen Boulanger (Chukyo University), “Teaching History and Culture to Foreign Language Learners through International Exhibitions”
  3. David S. Ramsey (Notre Dame Seishin University), “Sight, Site, Cite: Mapping America and American Literary History”

Lunch break (12:10 - 13:40)

Workshop (13:40 - 14:10)

William Brooks (Chukyo University)/Hajime Uchikawa (Chukyo University), “Enhancing Students’ Language and Cultural Skills through CALL”


Session 4 (14:20 -- 15:50)

Chair: Akitoshi Nagahata (Nagoya University)
Commentator: David S. Ramsey (Notre Dame Seishin University)

  1. Mark C. Weeks (Nagoya University), “‘A Huge Suspense Movie, Only Real’: Approaching Narrative through the Present”
  2. Christopher J. Armstrong (Chukyo University), “What Are We Doing Over Here?: Approaches to Writing in the English-Medium Literature Classroom”
  3. Myles Chilton (Nihon University), “‘Global/Provincial’: The Futures of Anglophone Literary Studies”


Closing remarks

Mark C. Weeks (Nagoya University)



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