"Mobility" and North American Literature/Culture

A  symposium organized by the Nagoya University American Literature/Culture Society (in the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University) and the Chukyo University Postcolonial/Tourism Research Group

Sunday, March 20 and Monday, March 21, 2016
Room 406, North Wing, Liberal Arts and Sciences Building, Nagoya University
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Language: English
Admission free


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DAY ONE  3/20 (Sun)

Opening remarks   (10:30 - 10:40)

Arinori MORI (Chukyo University) and Akitoshi NAGAHATA (Nagoya University)

Keynote lecture (10:45 - 11:45)

Professor Joseph GALBO (University of New Brunswick, Saint John), “Cultural Heritage in a Globalized Mobile World: Italy’s Faustian Bargain with Tourism”

Presenter: Christopher J. ARMSTRONG (Chukyo University)

Photo shoot (12:00 - 12:15)

Lunch break (12:15 - 13:30)

Session I
 (13:30 - 15:00)
Chair: Mark C. Weeks (Nagoya University)

1. Arinori MORI (Chukyo University), “’Tell about the South’: Class, Cultural, and Racial Mobility in Gone with the Wind and Absalom, Absalom!

2. Christopher J. ARMSTRONG (Chukyo University), “Trust and Risk on the Road: Genre, Discourse and Modernity in Lisa Moore’s Caught

3. Kiyofumi SUGIURA (Chukyo University), “Tourism and Neo-colonialism in the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: A Critical Re-consideration of Vernacular Cosmopolitanism through Earl Lovelace’s The Dragon Can’t Dance

Session II (15:15 - 17:15)
Chair: Shota YAMABE (Nanzan University)

1. Saori IWATSUKA (Meijo University), “Psychological Influence and Mobility of Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony over Mick Kelly in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

2. Mahomi SASAKI (Nagoya University*), “A Fish Tank of Anthropocentrism and ‘Immobile’ Adventure in Finding Nemo

3. Yuri SHAKOUCHI (Toyohashi University of Technology), “’Anti-anti-hip Hipness” of Latte Town Subculture in Portlandia and Social Mobility since the 1990s”

4. Fumiko TAKENO (Nagoya Gakuin University), “’Music Is Motion, and It Is Nothing Else’: Views of Music in the Works of Dwight, Thoreau and The Blithedale Romance

Reception  (18:00 -- 20:00)
At Les Oeufs d’or
Roots Stone/La Maison Building, Yotsuya-dori 2-10, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
Tel: 052-781-1237)
(Reservation required)

DAY TWO  3/21 (Mon)

Session III (10:00 -- 12:00)
Chair: David S. Ramsey (Notre Dame Seishin University)

1. Rie KAWABATA (Nagoya University*), “Pearl S. Buck’s Road Trips and Private Memoirs of People with Disabilities in My Several Worlds: A Personal Record (1953)”

2. Rie KOIKE (Tokoha University), “Re-construction of Identity beyond Time and Space: Re-reading of ‘Orbiting’ by Mukherjee”

3. Ryunosuke OHKI (Nagoya University*), “Out of the Golden Cage: Bulimia, Femininity and Mobility in My Year of Meats

4. So FUJII (Chukyo University), “From Queens to Manhattan: Food and Sexuality in Mei Ng’s Eating Chinese Food Naked"

Lunch break (12:00 - 13:30)

Session IV (13:30 -- 15:30)
Chair: Rie KOIKE (Tokoha University)

1. Akitoshi NAGAHATA (Nagoya University), “Mobility and Speed in Mina Loy’s ‘Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose’”

2. Jane JORITZ-NAKAGAWA (Tokoha University), “Feminism in the Work of Contemporary Innovative Female Migrant Poet Mairead Byrne”

3. Hiromi FURUTANI (Nagoya University*), “Journey to the Primitive Forest: A Study on Incestuous Love in Hemingway’s ‘The Last Good Country’”

4. Chikako MATSUSHITA (Nagoya University), “Bisexual Mobility in Hemingway’s Fiction”

Session V (15:45 – 17:15)
Chair: Atsuko HONDA (Fukui University)

1. Daichi SUGAI (Nagoya University*), “The Movable Self in Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur

2. Mark C. WEEKS  (Nagoya University), “Art and the Astronaut on the Space Frontier: Norman Mailer’s Of a Fire on the Moon

3. David S. Ramsey (Notre Dame Seishin University), “A World Elsewhen: (Im)mobility and Temporal (Dis)location in Hawthorne”

(* indicates the speaker is a graduate student.)

Closing remark

Mark C. Weeks (Nagoya University)



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    Arinori Mori (moria@lets.chukyo-u.ac.jp)

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