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Graduate Courses



1.Sally A. Jones. The acquisition of the Japanese -te and -nagara forms by native English speakers: With special reference to the attendant circumstance. (英語を母語とする日本語学習者による「て」と「ながら」の習得−付帯状況に焦点を当てて−)(主査:村尾玲美 副査:堀江薫、玉岡賀津雄)



1.田畑恵(Megumi Tabata) The correlation between sound sensitivity, English prosody processing, and English listening comprehension.(音感と英語プロソディ処理能力と英語聴解力の関係) (主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、玉岡賀津雄、鹿島央、Markus RudeTim Murphey (神田外語大学教授))



1.肥田依己子(Emiko Hida) Effects of short-term intentional vocabulary learning on the depth of vocabulary knowledge: With respect to receptive and productive knowledge. (主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、長畑明利)


2.張紅旭(Zhang Hongxu) Effects of negotiation of meaning on lexical acquisition in computer-mediated communication. (コンピューター利用コミュニケーションにおける意味交渉が語彙習得に及ぼす影響) (主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、杉浦正利)


3.末永晶子(Akiko Suenaga) How do roles and teaching approaches of a Japanese teacher develop in a cultural course at an American college? Reflection on her teaching journals. (主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、衣川隆生)



1.松本広美(Hiromi Matsumoto) How do Katakana words and their cognates affect L2 vocabulary learning? A study on superset/subset relations in parts of speech. (主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、木下徹)


2.黒川敦子(Atsuko Kurokawa) Identifying the degree of difficulty of English segmental perception for Japanese elementary school students. (主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、Mark Weeks)


3.Michael P. Mansbridge. An investigation into relative clause processing in Chinese: As a function of experimental task using eye-tracking methodology. (主査:玉岡賀津雄 副査:村尾玲美、堀江薫、杉浦正利)


4.横井祐月(Yuzuki Yokoi) An investigation of vocabulary acquisition and learning motivation of Japanese EFL learners. (日本人EFL学習者の語彙習得状況と学習動機の調査)(主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、長畑明利)


5.平井浩子(Hiroko Hirai) A study on affective factors of short-term SA participants using L2 motivational self system.L2動機付け自己システムを用いた短期留学参加者の情意側面に関する研究)(主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、大島義和)


6.曲雪菲(Qu Xuefeiqu) A study of morphological instruction on English vocabulary learning by Japanese EFL learners. (EFL学習者に対する形態論に基づく英語語彙教授の研究)(主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、長畑明利)



1.田霜(Shuang Tian) The use of prosody in semantic and syntactic disambiguation: Comparison between Japanese and Chinese speakers’ sentence production in English.(プロソディによる意味的統語的曖昧性の解消−日本語話者と中国語話者による英語音声産出の比較を通して−)(主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、長畑明利)


2.天野直亮(Naosuke Amano) Contribution of pronunciation features to intelligibility and comprehensibility in non-native interaction: A case of Japanese and Chinese learners of English. (主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、宇都木昭)


3.張夏 Do cultural factors affect online communication of Japanese and Chinese EFL learners?(文化的要因は日本人・中国人EFL学習者のオンライン・コミュニケーションに影響を与えるか)(主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、長畑明利)


4.川口勇作(Yusaku Kawaguchi) The effects of computer assisted vocabulary learning on Japanese EFL learners’ writing. CALLを活用した語彙学習が日本人英語学習者のライティングに与える影響)(主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、杉浦正利)



1.林愛実(Manami Hayashi) The acquisition of inflectional morphemes by Japanese learners of English in EFL settings.EFL環境における日本人英語学習者の屈折形態素の獲得)(主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、長畑明利)


2.横山雅子(Masako Yokoyama) Examining the effect of task based language teaching on implicit English ability for high school students in Japan.(主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、Chad Nilep


3.梶浦眞由美(Mayumi Kajiura) The effect of rapid listening with transcript reading tasks on improving listening proficiency of Japanese EFL learners.(日本人EFL学習者のリスニング向上におけるトランスクリプト読解を併用した速聴の効果について)(主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、長畑明利)


4.坂望美(Nozomi Ban) The effects of educational intervention on the motivational development of Japanese EFL students.(主査:尾関修治 副査:村尾玲美、長畑明利)



1.加川華子(Hanako Kagawa) Effects of word imageability and English proficiency on the process of Le translation. (主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、長畑明利)


2.中村恵子(Keiko Nakamura) Integrating focus on form in teaching plans for English for engineers. (工学英語の指導案におけるフォーカスオンフォームの活用)(主査:村尾玲美 副査:尾関修治、長畑明利)