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I have almost completed the digitization of all the works of Gaskell, Gissing, and the Brontë sisters. I hope their enthusiasts will be served by providing these e-texts on the Web. If there are any typos or punctuation errors in the e-texts (I'm afraid many still remain), please do not hesitate to let me know.

The following e-texts and their HTML documents are so devised that they can afford a proof of my own making. All rights are reserved. They are only for your private use. No part of them may be reproduced on the Internet or any other media without the permission of Mitsuharu Matsuoka.

The Digitization Project

  1. Charles Dickens
    1. J. Hillis Miller, Charles Dickens: The World of His Novels
    2. Paul Schlicke, Dickens and Popular Entertainment
    3. Dennis Walder, Dickens and Religion
  2. Elizabeth Gaskell
    1. Edgar Wright, Mrs. Gaskell: The Basis for Reassessment
    2. A. W. Ward, Introductions to the Knutsford edition
  3. George Gissing
    1. Jacob Korg, George Gissing: A Critical Biography

Charles Dickens

Elizabeth Gaskell


  1. Mary Barton (903KB)
    1. Part One
    2. Part Two
    3. Part Three
    4. Part Four
  2. The Moorland Cottage (205K)
  3. Ruth (903KB)
    1. Part One
    2. Part Two
  4. Cranford (387KB)
  5. North and South (1MB)
    1. Volume One (463K)
    2. Volume Two (523K)
  6. The Life of Charlotte Brontë (1MB)
    1. Part One (485K)
    2. Part Two (495K)
  7. My Lady Ludlow (452KB)
    1. Part One (204K)
    2. Part Two (221K)
  8. A Dark Night's Work (387KB)
  9. Sylvia's Lovers (1MB)
    1. Part One (253K)
    2. Part Two (275K)
    3. Part Three (270K)
    4. Part Four (270K)
  10. Cousin Phillis (258K)
  11. Wives and Daughters (1.4MB)
    1. Part One (Chapters I - X, 286K)
    2. Part Two (Chapters XXI - XX, 259K)
    3. Part Three (Chapters XXI - XXX, 259K)
    4. Part Four (Chapters XXXI - XL, 242K)
    5. Part Five (Chapters XLI - L, 237K)
    6. Part Six (Chapters LI - LX, 242K)
    7. Part Seven (Concluding Remarks, 17K)

Short Stories

  1. "Sketches among the Poor, No. 1" (7K)
  2. "Clopton Hall" (17K)
  3. "Libbie Marsh's Three Eras" (61K)
  4. "The Sexton's Hero" (22K)
  5. "Christmas Storms and Sunshine" (24K)
  6. "Hand and Heart" (41K, 1 July 1996)
  7. "The Last Generation in England" (22K)
  8. "Lizzie Leigh" (68K)
  9. "The Well of Pen-Morfa" (48K)
  10. "The Heart of John Middleton" (51K)
  11. "Mr Harrison's Confessions" (164K)
  12. "Disappearances" (26K)
  13. "Bessy's Troubles at Home" (41K)
  14. "The Shah's English Gardener" (33K)
  15. "The Old Nurse's Story" (49K)
  16. "Cumberland Sheep Shearers" (43K)
  17. "Bran" (6K)
  18. "Morton Hall" (90K)
  19. "Traits and Stories of the Huguenots" (34K)
  20. "My French Master" (51K)
  21. "The Squire's Story" (35K)
  22. "The Scholar's Story" (12K)
  23. "Uncle Peter" (82K)
  24. "Modern Greek Songs" (43K)
  25. "Company Manners" (51K)
  26. "An Accursed Race" (51K)
  27. "A Visit To Eton" (11K)
  28. "A Fear for the Future" (22K)
  29. "Martha Preston" (29K)
  30. "Half a Lifetime Ago" (99K)
  31. "The Poor Clare" (137K)
  32. "The Doom of the Griffiths" (79K)
  33. "Right at Last" (48K)
  34. "The Manchester Marriage" (61K)
  35. "The Half-Brothers" (26K)
  36. "Lois the Witch" (204K)
  37. "The Crooked Branch" (100K)
  38. "Curious if True" (36K)
  39. "The Grey Woman" (127K)
  40. "Six Weeks at Heppenheim" (82K)
  41. "Shams" (30K)
  42. "An Italian Institution" (26K)
  43. "The Cage at Cranford" (28K)
  44. "French Life" (162K)
  45. "Crowley Castle" (80K)
  46. "Some Passages from the History of the Chomley Family" (68K)
  47. "Two Fragments of Ghost Stories" (14K)
  48. "Robert Gould Shaw" (17K)

George Gissing

Novels, Essays, and Critical Works

  1. Workers in the Dawn
  2. The Unclassed
  3. Isabel Clarendon
  4. Demos
  5. Thyrza
  6. A Life's Morning
  7. The Nether World
  8. The Emancipated
  9. New Grub Street
  10. Denzil Quarrier
  11. Born in Exile
  12. The Odd Women
  13. In the Year of Jubilee
  14. Eve's Ransom
  15. The Paying Guest
  16. Sleeping Fires
  17. The Whirlpool
  18. Human Odds and Ends
  19. Charles Dickens: A Critical Study
  20. The Town Traveller
  21. The Crown of Life
  22. Our Friend the Charlatan
  23. By the Ionian Sea (PDF)
  24. The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft
  25. Veranilda
  26. Will Warburton
  27. The House of Cobwebs
  28. The Sins of the Fathers and Other Tales
  29. The Immortal Dickens
  30. A Victim of Circumstances and Other Stories

Short Stories

Brontë Sisters

Charlotte Brontë

  1. Jane Eyre (1MB)
  2. Shirley (1.2MB)
  3. Villette (1.1MB)
  4. The Professor (581KB)

Emily Brontë

  1. Wuthering Heights (710KB)

Anne Brontë

  1. Agnes Grey (387KB)
  2. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (968KB)

George Eliot

Kan Kikuchi


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