Bleak House (1852-53)

Academic Resources

  1. E-text
  2. Dickens: Bleak House (Storey, Graham)
  3. Bleak House and London: English 4984 (Virginia Tech) -- A Web-Based Course.
  4. Dickens's Early Works v. Late Works: Principal Component Analysis (Tomoji Tabata, Osaka University)
  5. Following Up Dickens's Bleak House
  6. George Gissing, The Immortal Dickens: Bleak House
  7. Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens (1911): Bleak House
  8. Allan Pritchard, "The Urban Gothic of Bleak House"
    (NCL, March 1991)
  9. Bleak House Reading (2nd Annual Marathon Reading, May 8-9, 1997, UCLA)
  10. Dona Budd, "Language Couples in Bleak House"
    (NCL, September 1994)
  11. English 4984: Bleak House and London (Virginia Tech) -- A Web-Based Course.
  12. John Forster, The Life of Charles Dickens: "BLEAK HOUSE" AND "HARD TIMES" (1852-6)
  13. Peter Thomas, ""The Narrow Track of Blood": Detection and Storytelling in Bleak House"
    (NCL, September 1995)
  14. ROBERT NEWSOM, "Villette and Bleak House: Authorizing Women"
    (June 1991)
  15. The Skimpole Syndrome: Childhood Unlimited (Paul V. Mankowski, First Things 33 [May 1993]: 26-30.)
  16. Legal Eagle (Bob Williams)


  1. Mr. Bagnet Singing Thomas Moore's "Believe me. . . ."
  2. English Literature: Audio Books and Single Cassettes (Jimcin Recordings)
  3. Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

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