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[Last updated on: Fri Oct 13 17:59:10 EDT 1995]

Welcome to Bronte!

Library Management Associates is a consulting partnership providing planning, training, meeting facilitation and other services to libraries. As a pro bono service to the Internet community, we sponsor five e-mail groups:

Bronte: The lives and works of the Bronte family

Trollope: The life and work of Anthony Trollope

Benson: The life and work of E.F. Benson

Boston-book: Literary life in and around Boston

Boston-cares: Community service in and around Boston

For more information about any of these groups, send the command : info listname (for example, info trollope) to the address:

About Bronte

Bronte is an e-mail discussion list devoted to the lives and works of the Bronte family: Emily, Charlotte, Anne and Branwell. This includes biographical questions, literary criticism, discussion of social or historical issues that are relevent to an understanding of the Brontes, discussion of biographies and other related works, discussion of movies, television and audiorecordings of works by the Brontes, and Bronte-related travel suggestions.

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Bronte uses Majordomo software for list management. All commands should be sent to the following address:

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At this time we do not offer a digest option or archive files.

List security and spamming

Spamming is the practice of sending advertising messages or other solicitation messages to many groups at once, generally using some type of automated program or script. The term spam comes from the Monty Python skit: spam and eggs, spam and bacon, spam and spam. Spamming may be done as a way to make money or just for annoyance.

Listowners are working on cooperative projects to try to limit spam attacks, but the Internet's mass communication technology is easy to abuse. If you do receive an irrelevant advertising or solicitation message, the best advice is to ignore. Sending protests to the list only compounds the problem. Sending protests to the sender or to the postmaster at the sender's site may be more effective, but you should know that such messages are now generally sent from concealed or stolen accounts.

All five of our lists have been set to be Anonymous. This means that no one can use the Majordomo "who" command to get the list of e-mail addresses. This is to prevent anyone from using our e-mail list to do any sort of direct mail scheme, which is a more insidious practice than spamming.

More information

We have a Library Management Associates Home Page that is very much under construction, and not yet announced to the public. We are setting up a page there for each of our lists. These pages will inlcude the information in this file, as well as reading lists and other special files associated with these groups.

Also included on our home page is an interview with Elizabeth Thomsen, your listowner, from the PUBLIB (Public Libraries) e-mail group, that gives some background on who we are and how we came to start these lists. This file is available at I'll also send a copy by e-mail to anyone who is interested-- just send a request to


If you have any problems with bounced mail, address changes, etc., please send e-mail to

We hope that you enjoy your participation in Bronte!

Elizabeth Thomsen
Bronte Listowner

Library Management Associates
39 Dodge St., Box 282
Beverly, Mass. 01915


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