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The Brontë Society

The Parsonage, whither the Rev. Patrick Brontë brought his family in 1820, is now the Brontë Museum.

The Brontë Society

The Brontë Society of Japan

President: Hiroshi Nakaoka (Komazawa University)

Address: c/o Hiroshi Nakaoka, School of Letters, Komazawa University, 1-23-1, Komazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 154, Japan
Phone: 03-3418-9250

The Black Bull inn, the haunt of the unfortunate Branwell Brontë.

The Brontë Society

This is taken with Cindy Huggins's permission from her posting to the mailing list "bronte" on 6 June 1996.
  1. Membership in the Brontë Society
    Here are the proposed 1997 rates: *All rates are given in British sterling*

  2. Address for the Brontë Society The Society has its offices at the Brontë Parsonage Museum:
    Brontë Parsonage Museum
    Haworth, Keighley
    West Yorkshire BD22 8DR
    Tel 01535-642323
    Fax 01535-647131
    There is NO E-MAIL ADDRESS for the Brontë Society. (Shocking!)

  3. Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth
    For the remainder of this year, the Parsonage will be open every day except December 24-27. (It is always closed in January for a few weeks--repairs, cleaning, etc.)
    Hours: 10:00 to 5:00, through September. (Shorter hours then, something like 11:00 to 4:30.)

    Entrance Fees:

    3.80 Adults
    2.80 Students/Senior Citizens
    1.20 5-16 years old

  4. Gift Shop at the Parsonage
    Books, educational materials, video/audio tapes, postcards, gifts, and souvenirs.
    Mail order: Send a large S.A.S.E. to the Parsonage (Gift Shop at Parsonage address). They will send you a catalog and order blank.

  5. Haworth -- a few handy tips!
    There are LOTS! of visitors in the summer. So if you want to tour the Parsonage, it's a good idea to get there fairly early, unless you especially enjoy standing in line.
    If you DO end up standing in line, beware of those BIG ravens that roost in the trees, high above the cemetery. The trees weren't there when the Brontës occupied the Parsonage, so they didn't have to put up with the birds. Just not fair....

If you don't want to get laughed at by a native Brit, pronounce Haworth as "How-worth" and Keighley as "Keith-lee." Things are not always

If you want to hike up to Top Withens, there are maps available in the Tourist Center (25 pence and worth every pence). Ask for the pamphlet "Three Walks From the Centre of Haworth." Top Withens is a 6 1/2 mile round-trip hike. And if you hike to Top Withens, come back by the same route (as I think someone else on this list already suggested?) because the suggested return-hike route is not NEARLY as enjoyable or scenic.

If you happen to be in Haworth on a Tuesday, be sure to catch "Brontë Quiz Night" at the Brontë Hotel. You can get a GOOD meal there for a good price, and "Quiz Night" is lots of fun.

Well, I'm sure that I've worn out my welcome by now. Hope this info proves to be of assistance to someone!

--Cindy Huggins
Univ. of NC at Greensboro

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