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The Church of St. Michaels and All Angels, rebuilt in 1879-81, with the exception of the tower, contains the tomb of Charlotte and Emily, and a memorial tablet and a stained-glass window put up by an American admirer.

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  1. Bibliomania: The Brontë Sisters
  2. Books and Writers | Charlotte | Emily | Anne |
  3. Brontë Archives, The
  4. Brontë Birthplace, The
  5. Brontë Conference, The
  6. Brontë Country
  7. Brontë Family Vault, The (The Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Haworth)
  8. Brontë Parsonage Museum, The
  9. Brontë Texts, Sources, and Criticism
  10. Charlotte Brontë - An Italian site (Tanya La Torre)
  11. Concordance to the Brontë Sisters
  12. Emily Brontë (Michael E. Grost)
  13. Fugler's Brontë Sisters
  14. Haworth, Cross Roads & Stanbury Parish Council
  15. Haworth - in West Yorkshire's Brontë Country
  16. Haworth Village
  17. Jane Eyre Appreciation Page
  18. Jane Eyre: The Musical, Novel and Movie
  19. Kuusankoski Public Library, Finland
  20. Literature Network, The | Charlotte | Emily | Anne |
  21. Mediastorm: The Brontë Sisters
  22. Orlando Project, The
  23. Victorian Web, The: Charlotte Brontë

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