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Nida's Tips for Listening

The following ten tips are from Eugene Nida, from his article "Learning by listening," in R.W. Blair, (Ed.) Innovative approaches to language teaching. Rowley, MA: Newbury House (1987).. (pp. 42-53). We think they can be helpful for you, too, as you begin a listening program. Read his tips and try to do them when you listen.

Five helpful tips for passive listening

1. Provide the brain with plenty to listen to.
2. Be relaxed.
3. Do not erect barriers to sound.
4. Give the brain enough time.
5. Let the brain work while you are doing something else.

Five helpful tips for selective listening

Listening in the following order:

1. the tone of the voice
2. strange sounds
3. similar sounds
4. words and phrases
5. grammatical forms